Frizzy Fluff Ball - What Do You Mean Perms Are Back 2018?

Yes, It’s True—Perms Are Back In Style


Perms? Not fancing looking like a frizzy fluff ball not to worry the modern perm isnt nearly as frizzy as back in the 80s!




It might have only been a month however 2018 has been very surprising with the return of perms. Perms used to be very popular back in the 80s however are know for the frizzy appearance. Back in the 1980s this one hairstyle dominated the competition.

Perm 2018 Is Your Year

 Check out Riawna Capri's new perm! It is a head turner for sure!


 Check out Payton Lindorffs Work! So Fantastic! Style to die for!



As well as Salon Virtue showing off their skills in the Salon

We are to say alot of hair dressers are taking up their brushes and curlers in preparation for the soon to be storm of happy customers.

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Do you like this style and think you could rock it out on the town while on a night out?

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